Members 2010-2015

Managing Board


MB.AB picture from Alex

1. Shelby President_edited-1

1. Glo VP Edit_edited-1

1. Madison and Claire_edited-1

1. CJ and Pooja_edited-1

1. Elaine and Kate R_edited-1

1. Abby Genevieve_edited-1

1. Sofia Alex Linda

MB.AB picture from Alex

Our 2015 Graduating Members

We will miss you so much and wish you the best in all your endeavors!

Before the concert:

Anniv 2015 4th years

Managing Board/Appointed Board 2014:

MB AB collage 2014[1]


Janice Maya Thumbs Up BEST B&W_edited-1

Our 2014 Graduates

Wishing them all the best! 

4th years before Concert 2014_edited-1

Our 2013 Graduates

We wish you the very best, but we’ll miss you! 4th years 2013.2