The Virginia Women’s Chorus

is UVA’s premiere and longest-standing female music group.


Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester

and the Chorus typically has 35 to 50 members.

The VWC is a Contracted Independent Organization (CIO) at the University of Virginia and depends upon the direction of the Managing Board and Appointed Board. We are thankful to have the following students serve on our Managing and Appointed Boards:

Madison Lewis
VWChorusPresident at gmaildotcom
4th Year
Commerce, BS

Vice President
Alex Salesin
VWCvicepresident at gmaildotcom
4th Year
History and Elementary Education

Business Manager
Pooja Seth
VWCbusinessmanager at gmaildotcom
4th Year
Global Sustainability and Economics

Publicity Chair
Chloe Cohen
VWChoruspublicity at gmaildotcom
2nd Year

Fundraising Chair
Julia Kothmann
VWCfundraising at gmaildotcom
2nd  Year

Concert Manager
Sarah Thomas
VWCconcertmanager at gmaildotcom
3rd Year

Alumnae Relations Chair
Ally Lee
VWCalumnaerelations at gmaildotcom
3rd Year
Systems and Information Engineering



Tour Manager
Julia Heinzel
vwctourmanager at gmaildotcom
3rd Year
Economics and Mathematics

Social Chair

Kaitlyn Hill
keh7ra at
3rd Year

Merchandise Chairs
Lindsay Bur
lmb4jy at
3rd Year

Shivani Nathan
snu3nu at
3rd Year
Computer Science

Kate Haynes
kth5gg at
3rd Year
Prospective Neuroscience

Mia Herrington
meh2qg at
3rd Year
Foreign Affairs and Economics

VWC 2017 MB final collage

If you’re an alum, visit our alumnae page for updates.

If you’d like more information about VWC’s Alumni Interest Group (AIG), please visit