From alumnae:
“Singing in the Women’s Chorus was one of the most important part of my college life at UVA, and I treasured both the music and the friends I enjoyed there. Since graduation I’ve performed with some of the best musical groups in Washington, DC, singing with the National Symphony Orchestra and with internationally known vocalists and musicians. Still, the time I spent with the Women’s Chorus was often even more satisfying musically. The opportunity to really dig deep into the music during rehearsal and to perform in a group where women’s voices were guided with so much sensitivity was like nothing I have experienced since.”
Sue Lyn Schramm, Falls Church, VA

From composers:
“Amazing…I am overwhelmed… and, if you don’t mind, I am going to send this recording to Colla Voce to be the representative recording for the composition..So, when folks go to the website to look at the piece, they will hear your recording…thank you so much.”
Deen Entsminger, Composer of “A Song of Glad Tidings”

“Oh my, KaeRenae, this recording is wonderful!  You have the tempo and feeling just right, with just enough of a classical sound and just enough soul.  Many choirs end up rushing through this piece, or pronouncing the words in the King’s English, which means that the soulfulness is all but lost.  The acoustics also really do justice to the purity of the women’s tone.   All told, this is, I think, probably the most representative recording of Faith Is the Bird that I’ve heard so far.  I don’t have a recording of this piece on my website yet, because I didn’t want to lead people astray in its interpretation.  I’d be really grateful if I could put an excerpt of this recording on my site! Thank you thank you for sending me this recording.  It really “lightened” up my afternoon!”
Elizabeth Alexander, Composer of “Faith is the Bird,”  Seafarer Press, Saint Paul, MN

From concertgoers: 
“The concert was stunningly beautiful, sensitively programmed and a musical treat of the highest order.  It really was quite amazing.”
L. Connelly

From ESPN: